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Agency Contract Staffing Services

ECORP often assists small or busy agencies as part of our Agency Contract Staffing Services. Once hired, our team acts as an extension of agency staff, completing all tasks with the diligence, professionalism, and expertise you’d expect from California’s leading environmental consulting firm.

Agency Staffing Roles Performed by ECORP

Roles filled by ECORP’s Agency Contract Staffing Services include:

Staff biologist Caroline Garcia holding a kangaroo rat in San Bernardino, California

Examples of ECORP’s Agency Contract Staffing Services

ECORP provides Agency Contract Staffing Services throughout California from the Coachella Valley Water District to small towns like Yreka near the Oregon border. Here are a few examples:

The insignia of the City of Red Bluff, California

The City of Red Bluff — Community Development Director

The Red Bluff, California municipal government fills its Community Development Director role using ECORP’s Agency Contract Staffing Services. Responsibilities include overseeing building, planning, code enforcement, and budgeting throughout the city as well as general administrative duties like signing off on permits and taking applications. As part of this role, ECORP also updated the city’s General Plan.

Insignia of the City of Biggs, California

The City of Biggs — Contract Staff Staff Member

Biggs, a small town with just over 2,000 residents in Butte County, California, uses ECORP’s Agency Contract Staffing Services to fill their Contract Staff Member role. As part of this position, a contract staff member from ECORP visits Biggs once a week to attend meetings and complete tasks that require an on-site presence. However, much of the work is accomplished remotely, such as email correspondence, processing of permits and applications, and other related tasks. As with many small municipal clients, work is completed on an as-needed basis.

Insignia of the City of Orland, California

The City of Orland — City Planner

The City of Orland, California outsources its City Planner role to ECORP. As part of this role, a staff contractor from ECORP works in a professional capacity completing all city planning tasks as if the contractor were an actual employee of the City of Orland. This role is one of the most extensive and includes a variety of responsibilities such as:

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Whether you’re looking for a full-time extension of staff, a particular position for a certain number of hours per week, or a specific task or technical expertise completed once or at specific time intervals, our agency contract staff are ready for your project. We’ve worked as an extension of agency staff for city and county municipalities, water districts, irrigation districts, sanitation districts, parks, public utilities, and much more.

Contact ECORP today to discuss your outsourcing needs and learn more about our Agency Contract Staffing Services.