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Visual Impact Analysis Services

Visual Impact Analysis converts site and project data into a simulation illustrating potential changes to the viewshed by a proposed development project. Federal, State, and local agencies often require a visual impact assessment to determine if a project will substantially change the existing visual character of public views of a site or will conflict with scenic or aesthetic goals established by the agency.

Visual Impact Analysis: ECORP provides visual impact analyses for water reservoir construction projects like this one in San Bernardino County, California
Water reservoir construction project in San Bernadino County, California.

Visual Impact Analysis Services

ECORP assists public agencies and private clients with Visual Impact Analysis in support of CEQA and NEPA documents. We use modern analysis and visualization tools to show what a future project will look like. These tools include:

Visual Impact Analysis: By blending traditional aerial photography with lidar technology, ECORP maps elevation, topography, and vegetation
By blending traditional aerial photography with lidar technology, ECORP is able to clearly map elevation, topography, and vegetation at the project site.

Using these visualization tools, ECORP staff prepares the before and after views, then compares them to agency requirements to determine if there will be an impact on aesthetics, visual resources, or scenery.

Many agencies require their own agency-specific methods for this analysis, all of which we are skilled in providing. For example, our staff has in-depth experience with aesthetics and visual resources analysis using the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Visual Resource Management System (VRM) methodologies. To ensure our ability to utilize these agency methodologies effectively, we have in-house staff members who have completed BLM VRM training. Also, we have created customized analyses for specific projects and situations.

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