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Interpretation and Aesthetics Services

ECORP’s Interpretation and Aesthetics Services convert complex environmental permitting data into educational tools and exhibits designed to educate the public about sensitive cultural, biological, and paleontological resources in their communities. Although agencies can voluntarily create these sources, they are often required for permitting purposes. This is especially true when tax dollars partially or entirely fund these projects.

Our interdisciplinary, in-house teams work closely with private and public agencies to ensure that the public has access to informational resources about the environmental resources at a project site as well as the efforts being made toward their continued preservation. This allows project proponents to more easily meet permitting requirements and comply with environmental regulations before, during, and after construction and new land-use operations.

Interpretation and Aesthetics Services: Interpretive Trailhead Panel Created by ECORP about Historic Gold Mining Along Alder Creek
Interpretive Trailhead Panel Created for the Easton Development Company by ECORP about Historic Gold Mining Along Alder Creek.
Interpretation and Aesthetics Services: Three-dimensional display with artifacts created by ECORP for public education and interpretation
Three-dimensional display with artifacts created by ECORP for public education and interpretation.

Public Interpretation and Education Services

Protecting sensitive cultural and biological resources requires educating the public about their existence and the efforts being made to protect them. Interpretation of environmental resource data for public benefit takes many forms, including the creation of public displays, trailhead signage, and native habitat interpretation centers.

Public Displays and Trailhead Signage

Cultural resources management often requires transforming collected data into a format understandable by the general public. ECORP’s team of professionals facilitates public education and interpretation of cultural resources by designing and creating public displays and trailhead signage in partnership with trusted third-party manufacturers and installers.

Our team of professionals includes:
Interpretation and Aesthetics Services: Native American Tribal consultation meeting completed in accordance with California Senate Bill 18
Native American Tribal consultation meeting completed in accordance with California Senate Bill 18.
Public Interpretation and Education Services: Interpretive trailhead panel created by ECORP Consulting titled Among Us: Lifeways of the Nisenan
Interpretive trailhead panel created by ECORP Consulting titled Among Us: Lifeways of the Nisenan.

After the manufacture and installation of a public display or trailhead sign, ECORP completes follow-through documentation for permitting and evidence of environmental regulation compliance.

ECORP’s panels and exhibit cases can be seen along walking paths in the Twelve Bridges residential development in Lincoln, California as well as the Rio del Oro, Glenborough at Easton, and Folsom Ranch developments in Sacramento County.

Native Habitat Interpretive Centers

Like cultural resources, interpretation of biological resource data can take many forms depending on the nature of the resource, the habitat, municipal ordinances, and other constraints. One way to facilitate public education includes the manufacture of native habitat interpretative centers. These are similar to public displays created for cultural resource management but are focused on educating the public about particular biological resources like wetlands, protected plants, native bat populations, and endangered or threatened wildlife species.

In addition to living biological resources, ECORP creates public interpretation exhibits of fossils, bones, and other paleontological resources. After recovering these resources, ECORP’s team of paleontologists preserve and prepare the specimen or specimens for curation and exhibition.

ECORP’s biologists and paleontologists work with professional exhibit manufacturers to create kiosks, signage, preserved fossil specimens, and native habitat interpretive centers that educate the public about natural and biological resources. These can be found at various parks, trails, open spaces, restoration sites, and elsewhere throughout California.

Paleontology Services: preparation of mammoth tusk for curation
ECORP paleontologist displays a fossilized mammoth tusk being prepared for curation.
Interpretation and Aesthetics Services:By blending traditional aerial photography with lidar technology, ECORP maps elevation, topography, and vegetation
By blending traditional aerial photography with lidar technology, ECORP is able to clearly map elevation, topography, and vegetation at the project site.

Aesthetics Services

It is incredibly important to consider how proposed development changes will affect the overall appearance of a project site and potentially blocks other vistas and scenic views currently enjoyed by the public. When the agencies perceive a potential impact on visual aesthetics, they will include a Visual Impact Analysis requirement in the permitting process. ECORP excels in creating 3D simulations, maps, and models using unmanned aerial systems (UAS), lidar, and other geospatial technologies reflecting the visual changes of your project to ensure all permitting regulations are met.

Spanish Translation Services

ECORP also offers English-Spanish Translation Services for private and public clients. These include:

We also offer on-site translation services for multi-lingual construction crews. Our goal is to ensure that the Spanish-speaking public and those working on construction projects in sensitive areas understand the environmental process and the laws that protect sensitive resources.

Construction worker education poster in Spanish
A Spanish construction worker education poster for a project on the North Torrey Pines Bridge in San Diego County.

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If you need to create a public display, signage, native interpretative center, or another educational resource to meet permitting regulations, our team of environmental consultants is prepared to help you every step of the way. Our exceptional staff, unmatched knowledge of regulations and processes, and professional working relationships with Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies, make us the best choice for your project.

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