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Archaeological Services

Their presence and significance to human history can only be identified and evaluated by trained and experienced professionals. Proper identification of archaeological resources prior to project approval can increase avoidance and preservation and sometimes help avoid costly delays caused by inadvertent discoveries during active construction.

ECORP’s team of professionally qualified archaeologists, Registered Professional Archaeologists, osteologists, monitors, tribal liaisons, and specialists provide Archaeological Services to ensure project proponents comply with various local, state, and federal laws and requirements.

What Archaeological Services Does ECORP Offer?

ECORP provides a  full suite of archaeological services, including:

ECORP’s Registered Professional Archaeologists also assist project proponents with due diligence and project design to maximize historic preservation to the greatest extent possible.

They operate in both terrestrial and underwater environments and are led by qualified professionals who exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for prehistoric and historic archaeology.

Archaeological Services: ECORP archaleogists performing an archaelogical field survey
ECORP archaleogists performing a field survey.
Archaeological Services: Aerial photo of an archaeological excavation using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology
Aerial photo of an archaeological excavation using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology.

Terrestrial Archaeological Surveys and Services

The long history of human activity in California means that many indicators of the past have lost integrity or have been buried by floodwaters, landslides, or other natural processes. The resulting archaeological sites, artifacts, or features may not be clearly visible on the surface, and investigation requires a combination of skills, expertise, and the right tools to identify and evaluate these non-renewable resources. ECORP’s team of professionally qualified archaeologists:

Underwater Archaeological Surveys and Services

Many archaeological sites rest underwater in various marine and freshwater environments.This presents additional challenges to documenting and recovering artifacts and sites and requires specialized training, education, and equipment that extend beyond what is required for terrestrial environments.

Our underwater archaeologists are certified as American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Divers and work with our Dive Safety Team to ensure that submerged cultural resources are identified and documented appropriately. 

With these certifications and years of experience, ECORP offers legally defensible underwater and terrestrial archaeology services for projects that will impact inland waterways, lakes, rivers, and the ocean as well as those that impact inland structures, archeological sites, and other cultural resources.

Archaeological Services: Terrestrial archaeologists mapping artifacts discovered at an archaeological project site
Terrestrial archaeologists mapping artifacts discovered at an archaeological project site.

What Other Cultural Resource Services Does ECORP Offer?

ECORP offers a wide range of cultural resources services in addition to the archaeological services outlined above. These include:

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