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Cultural Resources Management Services

ECORP offers a wide range of Cultural Resources Management Services to identify, document, and manage cultural resources in all types of environments. Our services extend beyond the common records searches, field surveys, evaluations of significance, and impact assessments. We also provide tribal consultation support services; draft standard operating procedures, management plans, and municipal codes; and build museum displays, trailhead markers, and other exhibits to educate the public and complement the studies we carry out.

Terrestrial archaeologists mapping artifacts discovered at an archaeological project site

Archaeological Services

At ECORP, we provide a range of Archaeological Services to identify terrestrial and underwater cultural resources. Using highly trained and credentialed professional archaeologists combined with state-of-the-art technology, we conduct surveys to identify traces of human presence on the landscape that may be present within a proposed project area. Using a combination of archival research and field excavation, which are honed by decades of experience, we evaluate the significance of archaeological sites to determine if they meet the criteria for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places or California Register of Historic Places. We use this information to help guide project design and, if necessary, assist in the development of measures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts.

Architectural History Services

CEQA, NEPA, and other environmental regulations also require the identification, documentation, and management of historical architecture. At ECORP, we employ a team of experienced architectural historians to provide Architectural History Services for projects that have historic-era built environment resources on the property.

A historic shed evaluated by ECORP Architectural Historians
Native American Tribal consultation meeting completed in accordance with California Senate Bill 18

Native American Consultation Support Services

Various state and federal laws requires agencies to consult with Native American tribes as part of environmental review and approval. ECORP’s Native American Consultation Support Services provide extension-of-staff and liaison services to cities, counties, and special districts in meeting their obligations to engage in meaningful consultation with culturally affiliated tribes. We also help private sector project proponents understand what laws apply to their particular project, how the process of consultation occurs, and how consultation can affect positive change in their projects.

Cultural Resources Guidelines and Policy Development Services

Environmental laws and regulations constantly change. To ensure that private developers, government agencies, and other project proponents remain in compliance with environmental regulations, ECORP drafts, reviews, and revises standard operating procedures, municipal codes, and other legally required documents and agreements as part of our Cultural Resources Guidelines and Policy Development Services.

Merit Award by the California Association of Environmental Professionals for Environmental Resource Document awarded to ECORP in 2018
Interpretive Trailhead Panel Created by ECORP about Historic Gold Mining Along Alder Creek

Public Interpretation and Education Services

The ECORP Cultural Resources Department also offers Public Interpretation and Education Services where we gather data compiled from our Archaeological, Architectural History, Tribal Consultation Support, and Cultural Resources Guidelines and Policy Development Services to generate a variety of educational tools and resources. These include interpretive trailhead panels, 3-dimensional museum exhibits, 2-dimensional digital imagery, and educational brochures for contractors.

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ECORP offers Cultural Resource Management Services to identify, document, manage, and mitigate impacts to archaeological, architectural history, and other cultural resources while educating the public about existing cultural resources within their communities.

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