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Construction Monitoring Services

Projects that have the potential to affect natural or cultural resources may have permits that include a requirement for construction monitoring. The purpose of monitoring is to assist the contractor in complying with the permit conditions and mitigation measures. ECORP provides qualified personnel as part of our Construction Monitoring Services to help satisfy these project requirements.

Because ECORP is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm, our team works seamlessly with CEQA and NEPA specialists and field personnel to ensure that mitigation measures are written correctly and feasibly before the project goes to construction and that the procedures that are prescribed by these mitigation measures benefit from the knowledge gained from decades of field experience.

Construction monitoring for sensitive species at Camp Pendleton in San Diego
Construction monitoring for sensitive species at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County.

Construction Monitoring Services Offered by ECORP

Our qualified construction monitors are empowered to ensure that:

Different types of projects require distinct forms of construction monitoring to ensure that the particular environmental resources at or potentially at the project site are protected from construction impacts:

Construction Monitor Qualifications

Many agencies require construction monitoring by a professional construction monitor, including:

Different agencies often have different qualification requirements for monitors, depending on the project, location, and potential for the project to impact a resource. ECORP’s construction monitors span a wide range of qualifications and are experienced in construction monitoring for all of these agencies.

paleontologist monitoring construction for fossils
ECORP Paleontologist monitors ongoing construction for signs of fossils or bones.
Noise Monitoring and Mitigation: A threatened juvenile Swainson's hawk being monitored by ECORP biologists
A Threatened juvenile Swainson's hawk being monitored by ECORP biologists.

Preconstruction Surveys and Biological Resources Monitoring

Before you break ground for your project, we can also perform a preconstruction survey of the site, which is almost always a permit requirement. This survey looks for any biological resources that have entered the property since permit approval, particularly migratory birds and animals in their mating season. Upon identifying any “new arrivals,” our site monitors document the find, notify the relevant agency of the discovery, and ensure the construction monitoring plan either provides adequate protection or requires a modification to ensure proper protection. These actions protect migratory species that enter the work site after construction begins.

Cultural Resources Monitoring

ECORP’s staff of archaeologists and historic resources specialists are fully versed in procedures to comply with the cultural resource provisions of:

Our in-house expertise enables ECORP’s construction monitors to help contractors and workers follow all requirements for known resources and the procedures to follow upon the event of an unanticipated discovery.

Construction Monitoring Services: ECORP uses unmanned aerial systems to monitor construction on a historic bridge in San Bernardino County
ECORP uses unmanned aerial systems to monitor construction on a historic bridge in San Bernardino County.
Native American Tribal consultation meeting completed in accordance with California Senate Bill 18
Native American Tribal consultation meeting completed in accordance with California Senate Bill 18.

Coordination with Native American Monitors

ECORP’s cultural resources monitors work closely with Native American tribes, who have the expertise to identify and treat tribal cultural resources

We coordinate and liaison with the tribal monitors during construction to comply with all provisions of CEQA, NEPA, and other laws that protect tribal cultural resources and land from construction impacts and new land-use operations. 

English-Spanish Translation for Worker Communication

Because both English and Spanish speakers are common on construction crews, agencies typically require bi-lingual versions of the mitigation requirements to inform the construction crews about the site’s resources. 

Before the start of construction or on the first day, we train the workers on monitoring guidelines in both English and Spanish. ECORP creates the project-specific materials which commonly include:

Educational Poster for Spanish-Speaking Construction Workers created by ECORP
Educational Poster for Spanish-Speaking Construction Workers created by ECORP.

Open Space Monitoring

ECORP monitors construction at the San Bernardino County Water Reservoir
ECORP monitors construction at a San Bernardino County Water Reservoir.

Another type of monitoring service that ECORP performs for project proponents involves inspections of resources in open spaces and preserves, and locations near construction sites to ensure the resource’s integrity in those areas as well as near residential or commercial areas where construction noise or pollution could negatively affect human health and nearby wildlife.

The site’s permit conditions will describe the frequency and methodology of these surveys with the objective of identifying impacts and space changes that negatively affect protected resources like water qualityair quality, or existing ambient noise levels. As with our construction monitoring services, ECORP negotiates the plan details, including the monitors’ qualifications and reporting requirements.

Learn More about ECORP’s Construction Monitoring Services

Most permits require construction monitoring to ensure the contractor follows the permit’s restrictions and provisions. Our exceptional staff, unmatched knowledge of regulations and processes, and professional working relationships with Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies make us the best choice for your project.

Contact ECORP today to discuss your project and learn more about our Construction Monitoring Services.