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Threatened, Endangered, and Special-Status Species Surveys

Projects or activities that disturb a parcel of land may also disturb the native habitat on the site. Given this possibility, it may require a Threatened, Endangered, and Special-Status Species Survey to determine if your site serves as a habitat for one of these protected species. Our job at ECORP Consulting is to make sure your project can be built while complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

These surveys require skilled professionals, typically degreed scientists, who have knowledge specific to the habitat and species involved with your project. Some surveys require the use of protocol-level methodologies and in some situations, the individual(s) conducting the survey may require special permits from State or Federal agencies to complete the survey.

Agency permits demonstrate proof of competency in the type of survey required so that the issuing agency knows that the scientist will produce a scientifically defensible survey. ECORP Consulting or its biologists have permits for virtually all threatened or special-status species in California.

Baseline Surveys

ECORP Consulting’s scientists and other professional staff will review your project site, after which a multidisciplinary team will conduct all necessary fieldwork on a schedule predicated by the potential species in the area. The fieldwork identifies and accurately maps all threatened, endangered, and special-status habitats and catalogs the presence of the species itself or its habitat using GIS and GPS tools and databases. 

Should the habitat be identified but not the species itself because of the specific characteristics listed below, we will schedule an additional protocol-level survey work at the proper time to establish the presence of the species. 

All the field data are used to create the baseline survey that details compliance, protection, restoration, and remediation requirements, and identifies the permits your project requires. With the results of our analysis of the survey data, you will be able to make an informed decision about the feasibility of your project.

ECORP Biologists conduct desert tortoise health assessment and relocation in Olancha, California
ECORP Biologists conduct desert tortoise health assessment and relocation in Olancha, California.

Pre-Construction Surveys

Once your project is permitted and is ready to break ground, we can perform your pre-construction surveys or assessments necessary to ensure that you have clearance to begin your project.

Construction Monitoring

During construction, ECORP can provide construction monitoring services for your project. This monitoring service ensures compliance with regulatory permit conditions, CEQA/NEPA mitigation measures, and other environmental laws and regulations. Read more about our Construction Monitoring services here.

Staff biologist Caroline Garcia holding a kangaroo rat in San Bernardino, California
Staff Biologist Caroline Garcia holding a kangaroo rat in San Bernardino, California.

Threatened, Endangered, and Special-Status Species Surveys and Services

We are qualified to provide the following threatened, endangered, and special-status species services:

How Long Does a Survey or Assessment Take?

Each survey and assessment can be different, depending on numerous factors such as the applicable protocol-level methodology, land ownership (Federal, State, Local or private), and the seasonality aspects of certain species. The purpose of the survey will also dictate the time frame. 

We encourage you to talk to us as early as possible so we can help you determine precisely what your project requires and how long it may take to complete.

Threatened and Endangered Species Permitting: California tiger salamander at Tesoro Viejo Project site in Madera
California tiger salamander observed at Tesoro Viejo Project site in Madera, California.

Make ECORP Your Choice for Threatened, Endangered, and Special-Status Species Surveys

Our exceptional staff, unmatched knowledge of regulations and processes and professional working relationships with Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies make us the best choice for your project. You can be sure that your threatened, endangered and special-status species surveys will detail all your project permitting and compliance requirements, so you can proceed with confidence. Contact ECORP today to discuss your project and learn more about our Threatened, Endangered, and Special-Status Species Surveys.