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Biological Resources Management Services

ECORP provides a full range of biological resources management services for both public and private sector clients. Our staff of aquatic and terrestrial biologists includes many specialists who are fully versed in the procedures to comply with the following:

Project success stems from maintaining objectivity and adhering to sound biological resource assessment principles within today’s constantly evolving regulatory environment. ECORP biologists continually demonstrate these qualities throughout California and neighboring states, consistently delivering legally defensible assessments and services.

ECORP's Biological Resources Management Services

ECORP provides Biological Resources Management Services to ensure full compliance with CEQA, NEPA, and other environmental regulations. These services generally fall into one of five categories:

Threatened, Endangered and Special-Status Species Studies and Surveys

Projects or activities that disturb a parcel of land may also disturb the native habitat on the site. Given this possibility, your project may need a Threatened, Endangered, And Special-Status Species Studies and Surveys to determine if your site serves as a habitat for one of these protected species. 

These surveys require skilled professionals, typically degreed scientists, who have knowledge specific to the habitat and species involved within your project. When your project requires protocol-level methodologies, ECORP provides scientifically and legally defensible surveys and supporting documentation. This ensures your project complies with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Senior and Staff Biologists conducting fish rescue at Llagas Creek, California.

Bat Surveys and Bat Management

Bat Surveys And Management Services identify possible disruptions to native bat populations caused by construction or new land-use operations and inform potential mitigation methods to reduce the impact these disruptions may have on bat populations. ECORP specialized biological resource teams can identify project potential impacts and mitigation measures for bats and other wildlife species to assist project proponents to acquire the necessary permits required for construction activities while mitigating impacts on native bat populations.

All our bat survey and management services meet the requirements of State and Federal environmental regulations as well as county and city ordinances.

Senior Biologist Emily Mecke conducting wetland delineation located at the Salton Sea, California.

Wetlands And Waters Assessment And Water Resource Delineations

The purpose of Wetlands And Waters Assessment And Water Resource Delineations is to identify the presence and approximate extent (acreage) of Waters of the United States (regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) and Waters of the State (regulated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife).

ECORP’s staff of biologists and geospatial specialists deliver accurate and scientifically and legally defensible assessments and delineation studies to determine impacts, permit processes, and develop mitigation plans.

Botanical Services

The western United States is home to many plant species and vegetation communities. These plants and communities are a vital component of complex and often fragile ecosystems. A project’s disturbance of a plant species can have long-term consequences for all other flora and fauna that inhabit that area.

Botanical Services may include permitting and compliance requirements for your project to minimize environmental and habitat disturbance. ECORP Consulting offers a comprehensive array of botanical services to help you identify all information necessary for your project’s approval.

Certified arborist Krissy Walker-Berry conducting arborist survey.

Threatened and Endangered Species Permitting

The process for obtaining Threatened And Endangered Species Permits for your project demands a highly-skilled provider of the required protocol-level surveys and species-specific documentation. ECORP is an expert in the complex and challenging permitting processes at the Federal, State, Regional and local levels.

When you turn to ECORP for your project’s permits, we guide you from project inception to implementation. We provide onsite assessments of the project site to determine whether a threatened or endangered species habitat exists there and what permits are required for construction and new land-use opportunities while providing construction monitoring services, impact mitigation designs, and the completion, review, and filing of legally required documents.

Staff Biologist Caroline Garcia holding a kangaroo rat in San Bernardino, California

ECORP’s Biological Resources Management Services for Your Project

Our combination of exceptional staff, in-depth knowledge of regulations and processes and professional working relationships with Federal and State regulatory agencies is unparalleled. ECORP identifies all your project permitting and compliance requirements, allowing you to proceed forward confidently.

Contact ECORP today to discuss your project and learn more about our Biological Resources Management Services.