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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Master Plan Project

Project Overview

To satisfy California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines, ECORP prepared the environmental constraints portions of a comprehensive Master Plan for the three facilities:

  1. The Oak Grove Facility in Pasadena, California, which supports space exploration through satellites, unmanned spacecraft, and the Mars Rover program
  2. The Deep Space Network (DSN), an international network of antennas at Fort Irwin (California) Madrid (Spain), and Canberra (Australia) that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions and radio and radar astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system
  3. The Table Mountain Facility, an astronomy and atmospheric remote sensing facility located in the Angeles National Forest, California

Each of these facilities required a unique Master Plan, all three of which were combined into a single comprehensive Master Plan which updated the vision, future missions, core competencies, capabilities, and capacities of the facilities in compliance with new requirements for sustainable development in facilities and infrastructure.

As part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Master Plan Project, ECORP staff provided environmental constraints analyses, reviewing and consolidating existing NEPA documentation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environmental information along with brief environmental summaries for each site while coordinating NEPA documentation with NASA staff.

Environmental Consulting Services Provided:

Project Photos

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