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Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station Project

Project Overview

ECORP provided biological, archeological, and Tribal monitoring services for site investigation and fencing installation activities at various Installation Restoration Program (IRP) and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) sites at Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station (NWS) in San Diego County, California.

Special-Status Species Surveys and Impact Mitigation Services

When a species is listed as special-status, threatened, or endangered by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS), permits are required to survey, monitor, remove, and relocate them during construction or the implementation of facility operations. An ECORP biologist with the required permits conducted initial site flagging surveys at each of the sites with potential Stephens Kangaroo Rat (SKR) habitats. These flags helped to provide resource protection oversight to biological monitors to ensure that the then-endangered SKR species and their habitat would be protected during the course of the Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station Project.

Biological and Cultural Resources Monitoring Services

ECORP provided biological and cultural resources monitoring services during construction and project implementation in accordance with project permits. The biological and cultural monitors selected possessed years of experience in the field and expert knowledge of the sensitive species and biological and cultural resources issues in the project area. As part of these monitoring services, ECORP documented compliance with applicable permits, maintenance of buffer/protection areas, and protection of sensitive species and their habitats.

Archaeological and Native American Tribal Consultation Support Services

ECORP prepared an Archaeological and Native American Monitoring Plan for review and approval by Navy archaeologists. The Plan included monitoring procedures, coordination with the remediation team, and procedures to be implemented if cultural material was found. An ECORP archaeologist monitored soil testing in order to identify any archaeological material that might be encountered and provided a Native American monitor through a subconsultant, Native Grounds. The Native American monitor observed ground-disturbing activities to identify any cultural resources of significance to the Luiseño, the Native American people who were the original inhabitants of the Fallbrook area.

Environmental Consulting Services Provided

Project Photos

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