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Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Services – Gill Medical Facility

Project Overview

The project applicant retained ECORP to provide Environmental Impact Report (EIR) services and related technical studies for a new birthing center and hospital just north of the City of Stockton in San Joaquin County. Technical studies completed for the Project addressed biological resources, cultural resources, noise, energy, visual resources and air quality/greenhouse gasses. KD Anderson prepared a traffic study under a subcontract to us.

As proposed, the Gill Medical Center Project (Project) consists of two Phases to be built over ten years on an approximately 42.4-acre site located northeast of the West Lane-Eight Mile Road intersection in San Joaquin County, north of the City of Stockton. Phase 1 includes a California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) Hospital wing and a full-service women’s Alternative Birthing Center facility. Phase 2 consists of a HCAI1 Hospital and associated medical office building.

Phase 1 Overview

The Phase 1 development, as proposed, will include a 36,000+ square-foot (SF) single-story Medical Center. The Medical Center will be designed to HCAI Hospital standards, equipped with 12 beds. The facility will provide labor and delivery-focused services, including alternate birthing options and hospital emergency room services. The facility will be permitted and licensed by the California HCAI as a general acute-care hospital with a duly constituted governing body with overall administrative and professional responsibility and an organized medical staff providing 24-hour inpatient care, including basic services.

Phase 1 Environmental Impact Report Services

The EIR for Phase 1 focused on the effect of the proposed site improvements, including 282 onsite parking stalls and onsite water, wastewater, and stormwater detention areas. Additional technical studies encompass the proposal to provide potable water and wastewater collection and treatment onsite using well and septic systems. The onsite well will be classified as a Small Public Water System per County Environmental Health Department standards.

Phase 2 Overview

Phase 2, to be completed within ten years of Project approval, will include a 60,000+ SF two-story medical office building, a 140,000+ SF three-story, 100-bed hospital expansion designed to HCAI Hospital standards, an emergency helipad landing area, and a 4,000+ SF physical plant building. The Final EIR was certified by the Board of Supervisors for San Joaquin County in November 2022.

Environmental Consulting Services Provided:

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