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Our Credentials

ECORP’s staff includes several biologists that hold both state and federal permits authorizing surveys for a variety of listed species in California. ECORP biologists are familiar with agency-recommended protocols and routinely conduct surveys for special status plant and animal species occurring throughout the States of California, Arizona and Nevada. Our cultural resource specialists hold additional permits that authorize work in both California and Nevada.



  • MOU for sensitive small mammals
  • Scientific Collecting Permit-CDFG
  • 10(a)(1)(A) Recovery Permit – Santa Ana Sucker
  • 10(a)(1)(A) Recovery Permit-Presence/Absence and Nesting Monitoring for Coastal CA Gnatcatcher and Least Bell’s Vireo-USFWS
  • Bird Banding Laboratory Permit-Western Bluebirds and Tree Swallows-USGS
  • Branchiopod Sampling Permit-USFWS
  • CA Permit-Field Director-Bureau of Land Management
  • Calverpataxifolia Identification Certificate-NMFS
  • Caulerpa Taxifolia Identification Surveyor-National Marine Fisheries Service
  • CDFG Scientific Permit-CDFG
  • Cultural Use Permit-NV BLM
  • Endangered, threatened and rare or native plants-CDFG
  • Federal 10(a)(1)(A) California Red-legged Frog Permit-USFWS
  • Federal 10(a)(1)(A) California Tiger Salamander Permit-USFWS
  • Federal 10(a)(1)(A) Fairy Shrimp Permit-USFWS
  • Federal 10(a)(1)(A) Permit-CA gnatcatcher (including nesting surveys), Quino checkerspot butterfly, Riverside fairy shrimp, San Diego fairy shrimp, vernal pool fairy shrimp, conservancy fairy shrimp, longhorn fairy shrimp, and vernal pool tadpole shrimp-USFWS
  • Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit-USFWS
  • Federal Fish and Wildlife Recovery Permit
  • Federal Recovery-USFWS
  • Federal Recovery Permit 10(a)(1)(A)-USFWS
  • Field Assistant on MOU-Mohave Ground Squirrel and other listed mammals-DFG
  • Independent Surveyor-USFWS Recovery Permit (Peter Balfour)-Vernal Pool Branchiopods-USGS
  • MOU-Field Assistant-CDFG
  • MOU – Principal Investigator (Don Mitchell)-Mohave Ground Squirrel, Palm Springs Round Tailed Ground Squirrel, Arizona Cotton Rate, Hispid Cotton Rat, Palm Springs Pocket Mouse, Jacumba pocket Mouse, and White-Eared Pocket Mouse-CDFG
  • Native Threatened Species Recovery-Brown-headed cowbird eggs and gnatcatcher-USFWS
  • Nevada Antiquities Permit-State of Nevada (Nevada State Museum)
  • NV Antiquities Permit-State of Nevada (Nevada State Museum)
  • NV Permit Winnemucca and Elko Districts, Prehistoric Archaeology-Bureau of Land Management
  • Orange County Certified Archaeologist-Historical and Cultural Programs, OC Parks Department
  • Plant Voucher Collecting Permit-CDFG
  • Rare Plant Collecting Permit-CDFG
  • Rare Plant Collection-CDFG
  • Rare Plants Collecting Permit-CDFG
  • Rare, threatened, and endangered plant voucher collecting permit-CDFG
  • Recovery Permit-Presence/Absence of Federally-Listed Branchiopods-USFWS
  • Recovery Permit-California red-legged frog and Chircicahua leopard frog (Arizona)-USFWS.
  • Riverside County Qualified Archaeologist-County of Riverside Department of Planning
  • San Diego County Approved Archaeologist-San Diego County Department of Planning and Land Use
  • Scientific Collecting Permit-California tiger salamander, California redlegged frog, giant gartersnake, and freshwater branchiopods-CDFG
  • Scientific Collecting Permit-Non-game reptiles, amphibians, and mammals; allows take of California species of concern by hand, and trap-CDFG
  • Scientific Collecting Permit-Field Investigator-USDFW
  • Vernal Pool Branchiopods-USFWS