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Managing for Special-Status Species in Development Projects

Burrowing owl chicks at a nest.

Did you know that ECORP can help with all the biological preconstruction surveys you need to get your project ready for the next construction season? With more forward thinking about preconstruction surveys, developers can help ensure projects are implemented smoothly without unexpected delays. Engage with ECORP today and get a longer lead time to complete survey requirements before next year’s construction season.

ECORP biologists are ready to provide assistance with surveys, assessments, reports, and other environmental needs. ECORP’s highly qualified biologists undertake a broad range of habitat assessments and surveys, including surveys for plants, birds, invertebrates, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. Timing of preconstruction surveys required for your project may include:

  • Rare plant surveys – during the growing season or up to two years prior to construction.
  • Nesting bird season – winter through the end of summer. Surveys for burrowing owl are required in multiple seasons.
  • Vernal pool invertebrates – after the first substantial rain event of the wet season, however dry-season surveys may also be required.
  • Bat surveys – conducted a year before construction, during winter and spring.
  • Amphibians and Reptiles – preconstruction surveys and their protocols are species dependent. Amphibian surveys occur after rain events, and surveys for desert species in spring or fall. Surveys for reptiles are undertaken in spring, summer, and fall.

Now is your opportunity to plan for qualified biologists to assess your project site for all your upcoming survey requirements to get construction off the ground in time. ECORP can you help get started today!

For more information, please contact Lourdes Gonzalez-Peralta at (916) 782-9100, or Don Mitchell at (909) 307-0046

California tiger salamander larva with fully developed limbs and gills.
California tiger salamander larva with fully developed limbs and gills.
Burrowing owl chicks at a nest
Burrowing owl chicks at a nest.

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