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ECORP Receives Recognition for Restoration Efforts at Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena Star-News

Restoration area near Altadena Drain.

ECORP biologist and restoration ecologist Carley Lancaster was recently interviewed by Brennon Dixson with the Pasadena Star-News for an article highlighting the restoration efforts ECORP has been conducting for the Devil’s Gate Dam Reservoir Restoration Project in Pasadena, California. Restoration efforts for the project began in 2019 and have been ongoing in the habitat surrounding the reservoir. Restoration efforts have been conducted in both riparian and upland habitats and have included weed abatement, container plant installation, and seed application. Carley Lancaster has overseen the implementation of the restoration efforts and monitoring of the restoration areas to document their progress towards meeting the required success standards for the project.

The goal of the habitat restoration is to create and enhance native habitat to be used by various types of wildlife and enjoyed by outdoor recreational users such as hikers and equestrians. In addition, the restoration efforts aim to create high-quality riparian habitat suitable for the least Bell’s vireo, a small songbird that is currently listed as endangered by both the state of California and the federal government. A link to the Pasadena Star-News article is below:

With sediment removed from Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena, here’s what it looks like – Pasadena Star News

For more information, please contact Carley Lancaster at (714) 648-0630.

Landscape view of the Altadena Drain restoration area
Restoration area near Altadena Drain.
Hahamonga Watershed Park restoration area
Restoration area near Hahamonga Watershed Park.

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