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ECORP Provides Innovative Acoustic Services in West Sacramento

ECORP solar-powered noise monitoring station

Uncommon challenges demand innovative solutions.

Picture the exhilaration of a first-time or new homeowner stepping into their expansive abode within a burgeoning, unfamiliar neighborhood. The locale is adorned with gleaming schools at every turn, offering more green spaces than grievances, and dense swathes of open land seemingly safeguarding the community from life’s worries. This is a typical West Sacramento residential neighborhood. However, appearances can be deceiving.

In 1982, before West Sacramento earned its city status, the county’s administrative body approved Planned Development 21 in the Southport District. At a glance, one could easily mistake this area for open space, yet it was zoned for industrial use with no immediate development plans. But times change. Come the mid-2000s, the Southport Business Park, as it’s known today, slowly sprang to life. It now predominantly hosts round-the-clock distribution and logistics centers, continuously expanding.

What was once thought of as open space has metamorphosed into industrial warehouses.

The neighborhood’s tranquil existence was soon disrupted as evidenced by noise complaints, primarily stemming from business activities, such as loudspeakers and back-up beepers, as well as the heavy truck traffic, particularly during the night hours.

Enter ECORP.

In close collaboration with city planning staff and concerned residents from the affected community, ECORP has begun the process of establishing two permanent noise monitoring stations. These stations are strategically positioned between the Southport Business Park and the adjacent residential neighborhood, housing top-of-the-line, solar-powered noise meters. These advanced devices will ensure continuous noise monitoring, capable of recording specific disturbances if they breach the city’s noise thresholds. The data collected will empower the city to enforce noise standards around the clock, helping to address this escalating issue.

For more information on our Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas/Noise/Energy services, please contact Seth Myers at (530) 965-5925 or William Duvall at (619) 814-6997.

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