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Cultural Resources Evaluation of 57 Archaeological Sites for the Damages V Project

Archaeological test excavations and site evaluations were conducted for 57 prehistoric and historic-period sites at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), California. The sites include prehistoric lithic scatters, rock features, and temporary camps, and historic-age homesites and refuse scatters. The sites were chosen for evaluation by the base due to past and potential threats to the sites from military activities, roads, unauthorized digging and artifact collection, and other disturbances. Test excavations were performed at each site in accordance with the standards of the Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan for Edwards AFB. Each site was also recorded and mapped in detail using a Trimble GPS receiver. The condition, integrity, and extent of past damages within the sites and potential threats to each site were also documented. Site update records and maps were prepared. Laboratory analysis of all collected materials was performed and all artifacts were sorted, washed, and prepared for permanent curation at the Base. In addition, the field and lab methods and results portions of the technical report were prepared. All 57 sites were evaluated for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places using criteria established by the National Park Service.