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Managing San Diego’s Open Space Resources

Managing San Diego’s Open Space Resources: Woman Doing Work with Paper and Mobile Phone

ECORP is proud to take part in the management of San Diego’s open space resources. A team of ECORP biologists and regulatory specialists performed a wetland delineation at the Batiquitos Lagoon State Marine Conservation Area in September 2020, in support of future restoration and scientific study efforts around the lagoon. 

Located on the Carlsbad/Encinitas border in San Diego County, Batiquitos Lagoon features one of the largest contiguous segments of undisturbed wetland habitat in the county. In addition to being among the most biodiverse ecosystems in existence, properly functioning wetlands contribute to improved water quality, shoreline erosion control, and flood protection. Any impact to wetlands (including improvement or restoration) requires approval and regulation under the Clean Water Act, Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, and California Fish and Game Code. 

By definition, wetlands extend beyond where surface water flows and delineating them is more complicated than one may think. Using tools and techniques that blend the fields of ecology, regulatory permitting, and soils science, the field team fully surveyed the area, collecting data that would be used to delineate a boundary around the wetland. In addition, ECORP collected baseline water samples at various points throughout the lagoon. The wetland delineation and water quality samples collected will serve as baseline data to support the lagoon’s future improvement. 

This isn’t ECORP’s first trip to the park. ECORP’s open space resume is well-rounded and includes work at state parks, nature reserves, and other open spaces throughout California. We are looking forward to doing more open space work in 2021! 

For more information on Open Space Resources, contact Marin Meza at (916) 782-9100.

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