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ECORP Attends TWS-WS Annual Meeting

ECORP Attends TWS-WS Annual Meeting: Man sitting on the TWS-WS Annual Meeting's Reception

The 69th Annual Meeting of The Western Section of The Wildlife Society took place in Reno, Nevada February 7 through 11, 2022. In a careful move to a sort-of post-COVID normality, the event was a hybrid meeting with either in-person or virtual (Zoom) meeting attendance available. Those that attended in person were treated to three days of symposia, a poster session, numerous mixers, a career fair, chapter and working group meetings, and any number of other informal chances to mingle. Five hundred and ninety registered participants attended the meeting, which by all accounts was a great success.

ECORP biologists attend the TWS-WS Annual Meeting

ECORP Biologists Caroline Garcia, Wendy Turner, Don Mitchell, and Eric Stitt attended in person, while Angela Haas attended virtually. ECORP was a proud Bighorn Gold Sponsor and the ECORP team took turns operating the in-person and virtual company booths.

Eric Stitt is a member of the Sac-Shasta and San Francisco Bay Chapters and attended the Sac-Shasta chapter members meeting. He is also a member of the Western Section Conservation Affairs Committee and At-Large board member for the national Biological Diversity Working Group (BDWG), both of whose meetings he attended. 

Don Mitchell, Wendy Turner, and Caroline Garcia are members of the Southern California Chapter and attended the conference members’ meeting. Additionally, Caroline Garcia is a Board member for the Southern California Chapter, holding the position of Secretary. The Southern California Chapter was awarded Chapter of the Year for the second year in a row. The Chapter will hold onto the coveted jackalope trophy for another year!

During the evening welcome reception, ECORP participated in the wildlife t-shirt contest with categories of science/nature, funniest, most unique, most artistic, and Judges’ favorite. Don and Caroline won for funniest and science/nature, respectively. 

ECORP biologist at TWS-WS meeting.
ECORP biologist at the TWS-WS reception.

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