El Dorado Irrigation District FERC Relicensing


El Dorado Irrigation District purchased the Project 184 hydroelectric system from Pacific Gas and Electric Company to secure their water supply and to generate electricity. The Project recently was up for FERC relicensing which required modeling of the system using both monthly and daily time steps. ECORP created both versions of the model and used the model in a collaborative process. The model enabled the collaborative group to test various operating criteria during negotiations and ultimately reach settlement. The collaborative requested nearly 200 studies many of which were executed during the collaborative sessions. ECORP evaluated power revenue impacts during this process which was instrumental in the evaluation of the feasibility of some of the operating strategies. Following the relicensing, ECORP developed an integrated model of EIDís Project 184, Sly Park Unit and the CVP supply from Folsom Lake to evaluate EIDís total water system yield using the operating conditions contained in the new Project 184 license.