Calaveras County Water District Water Rights Analysis and Reporting


Calaveras County Water District has water rights on the Mokelumne, Calaveras and North Fork Stanislaus Rivers. CCWD’s primary function is to provide water supply to the people of Calaveras County. Facilities owned by CCWD include New Spicer Meadow Reservoir, McKay’s Point Dam, Collierville Tunnel, and the Collierville Powerhouse. Although owned by the District, these facilities are operated by the Northern California Power Association. ECORP was hired by the District to evaluate the impacts of the proposed Cherokee Creek interbasin transfer. Evaluating the impacts of the transfer required the development of a simulation model of CCWD’s North Fork Project as well as the Utica Power Authority’s Angels and Murphy’s projects. The cornerstone of any water systems simulation model is the hydrology. Mr. Meyer used historic flow records and some watershed characteristics as determined by our GIS department to estimate flow relationships where data gaps existed. The model included operations of New Hogan Dam, the New Spicer Meadow reservoir, McKay’s Point Dam, Mill Creek Tap, Hunter’s Reservoir, Collierville powerhouse and New Melones Reservoir. Model calibration was done using gage data collected over the past several years.


In addition, ECORP is assisting CCWD in the evaluation of the accounting use of various water rights within their service area. Calaveras County Water District holds multiple permitted and Pre-1914 water rights on the North Fork Stanislaus River. The Utica Power Authority and the Northern California Power Agency also hold water rights on the NF Stanislaus. In addition to the complex operations on the NF Stanislaus, CCWD diverts water at Lake Tulloch on the Lower Stanislaus, below New Melones Reservoir. The water diverted by CCWD comingles with water owned by Tri-dams and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. ECORP developed the hydrology and tools used to evaluate the system for water rights usage and reporting. The water rights work in on-going.Click on an image for a larger view