EIR and Technical Studies for the Water Supply Improvement Program– Indian Wells Valley Water District


An Environmental Impact Report to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) was prepared to support a Water Supply Improvement Project for the Indian Wells Valley Water District (District). The District intended to construct a new and improved water supply infrastructure to provide for a 20 percent redundancy in the event of unplanned and planned equipment failures during the peak demand summer months and to meet the needs of the growing population in their service area.


The Water Supply Improvement Project (WSIP) consisted of two phases. Phase I would increase pumping at 2 existing wells. Phase II included the construction of a new production well. Four alternative pumping scenarios were examined, as well as the No Project/No Action Alternative.


In addition to the preparation of the CEQA document, ECORP provided public participation services, biological resources analysis, cultural resources analysis, noise analysis, geology evaluation, and jurisdictional waters evaluation. Additionally, third-party review of a groundwater analysis prepared by another company for the District was provided and the analysis was summarized in the CEQA document.

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