Biological and Ecological Studies Task Order Contract, Caltrans District 8


ECORP Consulting, Inc. performed biological resource studies under two on-call contracts for the California Department of Transportation District 8 (San Bernardino and Riverside counties). Under this program, the consultant/contractor serves as an extension of District 8 biological services staff, performing habitat assessments, focused surveys for sensitive species, jurisdictional waters delineations, biological monitoring and preparing Natural Environment Studies, Biological Assessments, delineation reports, and other environmental documents for a wide range of Caltrans projects. ECORP staff has managed and conducted studies for nearly 100 task orders for Caltrans under these contracts. Examples of services under these contracts include:


  • Habitat assessments, including vegetation mapping;
  • Focused surveys for sensitive, threatened and endangered plant and wildlife species in accordance with USFWS and CDFG protocols;
  • Jurisdictional waters/wetlands delineations;
  • Biological Assessments and Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act consultations with USFWS;
  • California Fish and Game Code Section 2081 permits to comply with the California Endangered Species Act;
  • Natural Environment Studies in support of NEPA and CEQA documentation;
  • Clean Water Act 401 and 404 permits and California Fish and Game Code Section 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreements;
  • Mitigation planning;
  • Tree inventories;
  • Construction monitoring; and
  • GIS mapping and database services.
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