ECORP’s Lisa Westwood Published in Archaeology and Heritage of the Human Movement into Space


ECORP Cultural Resources Manager Lisa Westwood was recently published in Archaeology and Heritage of the Human Movement into Space by Springer Press. This book is an edited volume of papers presented at symposia at the 2011 and 2013 Society for American Archaeology conferences that Ms. Westwood co-chaired. The volume addresses the creation, documentation, preservation, and study of the archaeology of lunar, planetary, and interstellar exploration. Her chapter, titled “Historic Preservation on the Fringe: A Human Lunar Exploration Heritage Cultural Landscape,” looks at international avenues for the preservation of space heritage, focusing on UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention.

In addition, Ms. Westwood is the senior author of another book on space heritage that will be published by the University Press of Florida next year. In the work, In the Shadows of Saturn V: Reflections of Apollo, she and her co-authors (M. Wayne Donaldson of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and Beth Laura O’Leary of New Mexico State University [retired]) explore the lesser-known earth-bound space heritage that is associated with the Apollo missions of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

For more information, contact Lisa Westwood at (916) 782-9100.