ECORP's Architectural Historian Assists in Finding Agreement to Satisfy All Interested Parties


ECORP has a full-service Cultural Resources Department with staff in our Rocklin, Redlands, and Santa Ana offices. We conduct surveys, test programs, data recovery programs, and monitoring for both prehistoric and historic archaeological sites. Each of the offices has a qualified Principal Investigator (meets Secretary of the Interior’s standards) for archaeology. We also have a qualified Architectural Historian (meets Secretary of the Interior’s standards) who carries out historic building inventories and evaluations, as well as treatment or mitigation, including Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) documentation for impacts and adverse effects to historic buildings.

Over the past year, ECORP has been actively involved in a variety of unique, high profile, and complicated projects involving historic architecture throughout California. ECORP recently completed, with exceptional success, a high-profile project in Sacramento that required creative strategies for the historic preservation and management of a neon sign. The Mercury Cleaners property in Midtown Sacramento was evaluated by ECORP and found eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and California Register of Historical Resources. The building, owned by the State of California, needed to be demolished to allow a hazardous waste remediation project to occur. ECORP devised several innovative solutions to the problem and after extensive consultation between the state agency and the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), facilitated by ECORP, an agreement was reached that satisfied all interested parties including SHPO, the State, the owners of the business, local historical interest groups, and property management service providers.

Another recent project involved the historic California State Building in the San Francisco Civic Center, a massive Beaux Arts style building with some Italian Renaissance Revival style detailing. The project involved Americans with Disabilities Act compliance upgrades to the building that required an extensive impacts assessment of the interior and exterior of the entire building, a task that ECORP’s Architectural Historian efficiently completed for the State.

ECORP also completed a complex Historic Resources Evaluation Report for Caltrans District 7 that involved the inventory and evaluation of all buildings and structures along a 36-mile long stretch of highway in Southern California. The inventory required detailed archival research, analysis, and evaluations of each property within the project’s Area of Potential Effects and extensive knowledge and understanding of Caltrans-specific regulations and reference materials.

Last year, ECORP conducted HABS documentation for the Mercury Cleaners building, HAER documentation for two historic mining ditches, and Historic American Landscapes Survey documentation (HALS) for a historic terraced orange grove in Placer County. The HALS documentation of the terraced orange grove has already been accepted by the National Park Service (NPS) as part of the permanent HALS archive in the Library of Congress.

These are a few of the many exciting architectural history projects that ECORP has completed in 2014, and we have many more lined up for the coming year. For your unique or complicated historic property or preservation needs contact Jeremy Adams at (916) 782-9100.