Invasive Species Raising Awareness


Each year, hundreds of species of invasive plants, animals, and microorganisms negatively impact California’s natural resources. These invasive species often spread rapidly and affect our native plants and wildlife, waters, agriculture, health, and even the economy.

To bring awareness to the far reaching effects of invasive species, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) initiated the California Invasive Species Action Week (ISAW). CDFW hopes that ISAW will bring attention to invasive species issues and promote public awareness and involvement. This year’s ISAW was held August 2 through 10.

Along with the CDFW, ECORP has also been raising awareness about this issue and has been contracted to prepare community awareness newsletters, conduct bilingual biologist public outreach site visits, and design interpretive placards and signage for many different projects that involve invasive species.

ECORP provides a wide range of services in both its northern and southern California offices related to invasive species including invasive species removal, management, and monitoring as well as public outreach and community awareness.

Invasive aquatic species of concern are the target issues in many ECORP projects and include American bullfrog, largemouth bass, non-native trout, common carp, crayfish, red-eared slider, mosquito fish, bluegill, green sunfish, and invasive water snakes. ECORP is experienced in the management and monitoring of invasive plant species removal including giant reed, water lettuce, blackberry, tamarisk, castor bean, eucalyptus, tobacco tree, and various other species.

The predominant goal of these projects is to restore, create, and maintain suitable habitat for many of California’s sensitive species. If you have any questions involving invasive or exotic species removal, monitoring, or management please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts. For questions regarding species in Southern California please call Mari Quillman at (714) 648-0630 or Pete Balfour at (916) 782-9100 for Northern California.