ECORP is attending and presenting at the ESRI Internation User Conference from July 23-27th, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Dave Krolick with ECORP Consulting, Inc. will be presenting “Utilizing LIDAR and Hyperspectral Data for Tree Identification and Mapping” at the ESRI International Users Conference on Wednesday, July 25. Recent changes to environmental laws have increased the need for high quality regional vegetation mapping, particularly identifying oak woodlands that are newly protected by California’s first Oak Woodlands Conservation Standards for CEQA. This presentation discusses the use of custom collected high-resolution hyperspectral imagery, LIDAR and true-color orthoimagery to locate and differentiate tree species on a project site located in El Dorado, California. Base training sets were identified on the ground by field biologists using mapping grade GPS. These data were used to classify vegetation types by spectral signature and height. Resulting draft maps were ground truthed and error corrections were made. This presentation will discuss the methodology and results of the study, as well as make recommendations for those attempting future studies. This presentation will also discuss the use of this technology for land management and informing decision.

The ESRI Conference will be held at the San Diego Convention Center July 23 through July 27. This conference is a great opportunity for all GIS users!