Construction of new roadways and maintenance of existing roadways are necessary elements in the long term planning of federal, state, and local agencies. Since roadways traverse a widely diverse array of regions and jurisdictions, most roadway projects involve complexity both in terms of the nature of impacts and in terms of the regulatory framework. Highway and freeway projects often involve federal agencies as well as state and local agencies, as well as many other types of stakeholders. For most highway projects, there is a consistent need for evaluation of a multitude of disparate types of environmental impacts in ways that simultaneously satisfy both federal and state guidelines. Types of issues range from biological resource impacts to jurisdictional wetlands to cultural resources and Community Impact Analysis, to name a few.

During our on call contracts with Caltrans Districts 7 and 8, ECORP has proven its track record by delivering high quality levels of service. Our work has encompassed hundreds of miles of linear roadway projects in coastal, desert and mountain regions of the western United States. ECORP has been able to respond quickly and effectively to emergency needs for monitors on roadway construction projects with staff having the necessary expertise. We pride ourselves in public agency work, and roadway work is just one of the project types in which we provide particularly excellent service.

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