Ports and Airports

Airports are a vital aspect of transportation planning throughout the world. As populations keep expanding and open lands suitable for airport locations become more and more scarce, agencies are finding a greater need to expand and upgrade existing facilities. ECORP and its staff have ample experience working on airports and associated projects. ECORP recognizes that airports carry with them a unique set of challenges and circumstances. Increased use of airports must be carefully planned, taking into account the needs of the surrounding community at large, the future needs for air transport, and the type of landscape features that are commonly associated with airports. Several airport locations in California, for instance, support extensive grassland areas and associated wildlife species of higher sensitivity.

ECORP has experience balancing the environmental requirements associated with the needs of the public. Our services range from preparation of Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Biological Assessments and other analyses required by the Federal Aviation Administration. With the need for faster travel between destinations, and the growing population of air-commuters, airport construction is a nearly constant endeavor for most airports. ECORP is ready to rise to the challenge of your airport project.

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