Work in a Federal environment requires extensive knowledge of and experience with the missions and mandates of the project owner. Preferred and mandated uses of federal land and resources, ranging from recreation, natural and cultural resources preservation/protection, mining, harvest, to multiple-use, create opportunities to design projects which meet multiple goals but also present challenges in an ever-changing economic, political, and regulatory environment.

ECORP Consulting’s extensive federal contract experience brings a wealth of diverse experience to Federal agency clients. Our reputation for good science has given us an unparalleled reputation with the regulatory agencies. That rapport and our ability to quickly assess project and client needs and recognize the regulatory setting in which the project must move forward, allows us to provide efficient, cost-effective environmental services that lead to successful project completion on-time and on-budget.

ECORP Consulting has completed successful contracts for agencies at all levels of the federal government. We have completed numerous projects for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and their regulated service providers. We provide services from resource specific surveys such as our recently completed three-year contract forest-wide surveys for the California spotted owl in the San Bernardino National Forest to Environmental Assessments and third-party peer review of NEPA documents such as those we have recently completed for alternative energy projects on BLM land.

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