ECORP Consulting staff has a long history of providing environmental consulting services to Department of Defense clients. We have provided our full suite of services, including National Environmental Policy Act compliance, biological resources studies and management, cultural resources studies and management, water resources, and GIS, to clients in every branch of the service. Our services range from the preparation of Land Use Management and Base Comprehensive Plans, Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Impact Statements to the design and completion of surveys, trainings, and monitoring in support of the goals and procedures of Integrated Natural and Cultural Resources Management Plans. In addition, we have extensive experience providing environmental surveys, training, and support for Installation Restoration Program and EOD/UXO clearance efforts.

ECORP Consulting’s extensive experience with military clients ensures our ability to quickly understand project requirements and mission constraints. Our depth of knowledge of military land use planning and security requirements means we are always “up to speed” and able to respond quickly to client needs. Our environmental scientists are experienced with all levels of security and safety protocols and are trained to work safely and efficiently on military lands under even the most challenging conditions.

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