Hydroelectric Licensing/Relicensing

The process of licensing and re-licensing of the hydroelectric industry requires confidence in environmental services provided. It is important for the industry to rely upon experts to successfully address the ever-changing and complex regulatory issues associated with re-licensing hydroelectric projects. A key piece to any licensing or relicensing process is the use of operations simulation models. These models can be run on daily or hourly time steps and are often the center of flow and storage negotiations.

We have provided expertise through the entire Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) major licensing processes, including the Traditional License, Integrated License, and Alternative License approaches and have prepared major licensing documentation, including Pre-Application Permits, License Applications, and Settlement Agreements. One of ECORP’s strengths is the operations simulation models which were developed by ECORP’s staff of professionals. ECORPs particular strength lies in providing technical services within the licensing/relicensing arena (e.g., aquatic habitat and fisheries, benthic macroinvertebrate (SWAMP) bioassessment monitoring, special-status amphibian monitoring, hydrologic modeling, operations modeling, fluvial geomorphology, in-stream flow / PHabSim modeling and review), Endangered Species Act Consultation (including Biological Assessments, Species Habitat Assessments, Section 7 consultation), CEQA/NEPA (including alternatives analyses of direct, indirect, and cumulative affects to federally listed species, and mitigation planning), full-service state and federal regulatory permitting, and cultural resources management. ECORP has a long history of providing objective and comprehensive documentation during all stages of the licensing and relicensing process, which has resulted in generating the trust of our clients, the resources and regulatory agencies, as well as the interested public.

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