Rare Plant Habitat Suitability Models

Rare plantUnder contract with the Bureau of Land Management, ECORP will provide professional services for habitat modeling for rare plant species from the Mojave and Sonoran Desert bioregions of southern California (San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Inyo Counties). These modeled distributions are essential tools for planning conservation for these species.

Rare plantOur outstanding team of environmental professionals and research scientists will develop Geographic Information System-based and statistical-based predictive distribution models for 64 rare plant species that have been identified as “priority” species by BLM. The goal for this project is to develop models that will generate terrain classifications of suitable rare plant habitat for each species at a one-acre resolution according to the following categories: high, medium, and low probability of occurrence. We have extensive knowledge of the natural resources within the Mojave and Sonoran Desert regions and capability to deliver predictive GIS-based models. ECORP GIS staff are proficient in developing predictive GIS-based models, habitat suitability models, computational modeling and data analysis, and have a proven track record of working well in collaborative environments.

An iterative process of model refinement under this contract will include field sampling based on initial model prediction to validate modeled habitat maps. We have the capabilities to mobilize multiple expert botanists and qualified teams to complete field sampling and surveys over large areas and within the narrow survey periods that are sometimes a factor in the desert.Rare plant