ECORP Expanding Services into the Central Valley

ECORP has been expanding its services into the Central Valley. Earlier in 2012, we were part of the winning team for a multiple year contract with the California Department of Transportation, Districts 6 and 9. The service area includes the entire southern half of the Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada, and the Inyo and Kern County portions of the Great Basin and Mohave Desert. In addition, ECORP has pursued and won several key renewable energy contracts in the Central Valley. Our expertise in Central Valley biological resources includes biological survey and monitoring for highly sensitive animal species such as the San Joaquin kit fox, the giant kangaroo rat and the blunt-nosed leopard lizard.

In 2013, we are continuing to pursue opportunities in the Central Valley through both public and private interests. One of the major projects expected to soon be processed through the state environmental review process is the High Speed Rail Project, being planned by the California High-Speed Rail Authority. The system would serve several of the major cities of California from the Los Angeles Basin to the Sacramento area and San Francisco Bay area. In summer of 2012, funding was approved for portions of the Central Valley stage of the project, from Madera to Bakersfield. ECORP has assembled a High Speed Rail Task Force that will focus on this exciting pursuit and bring our extensive biological, cultural, and CEQA expertise to the project.

Moving forward, ECORP and its teaming partners will continue to build their experience base in the Central Valley. As the economy recovers and projects begin to receive necessary funding, the proven track record and experience that ECORP provides will be vital to the successful implementation of several key Central Valley projects. ECORP can conduct biological due diligence assessments, focused endangered and threatened species survey efforts, jurisdictional delineations, regulatory permitting, impact analysis, mitigation planning, agency coordination and permitting, and biological monitoring. We also bring experts in cultural resources and in CEQA and NEPA planning documentation. Our staff is well-trained and capable of assisting public and private clients within the Central Valley with the environmental review process and project implementation.