ECORP Presenting at the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in February

ECORP will be presenting "Bilingual Outreach: An Important Tool in Urban Wildlife Management" for the "Urban Wildlife Management and Emerging Issues" technical session at The Wildlife Society-Western Section Annual Conference in Sacramento. ECORP is sponsoring this conference which will take place from January 28 to February 3, 2013.

The protection of isolated populations of listed species of plants and/or wildlife becomes quite challenging when these populations are surrounded by large metropolitan areas. Development pressure on these populations isn’t the only threat to their long-term viability. Impacts from human uses, such as recreation, can also be a major threat. Educating the public about the importance and sensitivity of the resources is necessary, but it can be quite challenging. The protection measures associated with managing mitigation areas, wildlife refuges, and/or parks and those that are implemented during the monitoring of construction projects are usually targeted at English-speaking individuals. However, in California and the southwest, a large proportion of the visitors or recreationists that visit mitigation areas, wildlife refuges, and/or parks are Spanish-speaking. Similarly, many equipment operators and construction workers are also Spanish-speaking. In many instances, the Spanish-speaking individuals have no idea of the consequences of their actions on the sensitive resources because the message has not been conveyed in their native language. Conducting “on the ground” education programs with Spanish-speaking biologists and creating bilingual brochures and construction briefing pamphlets have resulted in creation of a whole new group of stewards for these isolated populations of listed species.